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Social policy and Culture

Community, Social policy and Culture

While it is important to Operate the Business and meet all business KPI’s, we at Linktech also believe it’s important for a Business to have a Social Conscience and to give something back to the community, and if the employees can have a good time doing this at the same time then even better, everyone wins. This is no more important as today we all live extremely busy lifestyles and life seems to fly past at an ever-growing pace, taking some time out to give to others less fortunate is also key to a successful Business and team environment.

At Linktech, we regularly run charity events that enable us to, as a group collect and give to others less fortunate. Some of the events that we have and are looking to run in the future are:

  • Cheese and Wine day
  • Pyjamas at work day
  • Bogan at work day
  • Movember challenge
  • BBQ lunch for a charity

Some of the charities that we will be donating to are:

  • Royal Children’s Hospital
  • Cancer Council of Victoria
  • MSH
  • Movember Australia
  • Pink Ribbon Day

We feel that giving back to the community not only gives to others, it also enables us to stop and acknowledge how lucky we are.

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