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Accreditation & Training

Linktech hires the best the industry has to offer and gives them the regular training they need to stay at the peak of their profession.

Training and staff development are paramount in our business. As an organisation we’re only as good as the people who work with us. We hire the best the industry has to offer and give them the regular training they need to stay at the peak of their profession.

We pride ourselves on the roles and career development we offer our people. Our competitiveness and leadership is dependent on it.

All staff have the following minimum training accreditations:

• Telstra Exchange Site Access

• Cable rearrangements and cutovers

• Power Awareness Training

• ACA Registered cablers

• Optic Fibre Installation and Maintenance

• White card or equivalent

• Telstra Tunnel Accredited

• Confined Spaces

• Level 1 & 2 First Aid

• Working With Children Police check

• Traffic Management

• Elevated work platforms

• A grade Electricians

• Tyco/Raychem/Fibrenet Accredited Installers

We also have staff trained and accredited in:

• Asbestos Awareness, Handling & Disposal

• Rail Industry Inducted

• Hauling Licence

• Pit & Pipe Installation

• OHS Plant Operator (National)

The training we provide not only benefits the company, it offers significant benefits to our staff. Acquiring new skills increases their contribution to the business and to our customers. In turn this improves their self-esteem. The training they do is vital to their career path and attaining better paid and more senior roles.

Staying abreast of industry trends

The industry is constantly changing and evolving. It’s important for us and our customers that our skills, tools and processes stay up to date. There is also a range of industry standards and regulations that we need to comply.

The importance of regular training to stay current and ahead of our competitors cannot be overstated.

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