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At Linktech, however, we keep ahead of the game and competitors through constant research and investment in our tools and systems.

We take great pride in the quality of work we provide clients. Much of the work we do is very complex and sophisticated. It requires the use of the latest technology and equipment.

Things change fast in the telecommunications world. With new trends and technology constantly emerging. It’s a challenge for most companies to stay up to date on all areas. At Linktech, however, we keep ahead of the game and competitors through constant research and investment in our tools and systems.

We invest considerable time and money to guarantee the quality and effectiveness of the equipment we deploy on projects. Our clients can’t afford for things to go wrong. So there’s no excuse for poor performing tools or equipment to be used on a project.

Vehicles and Vans

All of Linktech’svehicles are fitted for specific tasks that include:

• Internal Plant Installs
• Civil Works
• Hauling,
• Fibre Splicing Commissioning / Testing of Projects.

The fleet consists of vehicles fitted with calibrated fibre-optic hauling winches as well as compressors. Our cable trailers are self-loading. All vehicles and the equipment they carry are kept up-to-date with regular servicing and calibrations.

For civil work, Linktech deploys a brand new short tipper and excavator. With this vehicle, our vastly experienced civil crew even can more operate more proficiently. It makes them capable of handling any and all requirements.

Our splicing vans are equipped with the latest specialised tools for tyco and corning joint preparation, fault restoration, and fibre management during builds and outages. This enables quicker build times for large fibre count splicing engagements.

Testing and Termination Equipment

Linktech maintains a range of state of the art testing and termination equipment. By utilising the most appropriate wavelengths, our Optical test equipment allows us to test fibre Links over 250 km long.

Fusion Splicers

Our Fusion Splicers are the latest on the market, providing our customers with fast and efficient project delivery. This equipment combined with our technical expertise in trace analysis, gives our customers a cost-effective and efficient means to access and proactively maintain their fibre network.

Transmission Testers

Our transmission testers allow testing of Gigabit Ethernet, PDH, SDH and DWDM systems. With test and termination equipment worth over 1 million dollars, our field staff have the right tools to provide the results our customers demand.

All equipment is calibrated and fully maintained by local in country vendors.

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