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Fibre Operations

Optical fibre is a flexible and transparent fibre made from glass or plastics that is only slightly thicker than a human hair. Fibre–optics forms the backbone of most extremely fast broadband networks across the globe.

The construction, installation and testing of fibre-optic networks and cabling requires extensive knowledge and expensive, specialist equipment.

The fibre-optics industry and the technology used to support is constantly changing and evolving. At Linktech we stay ahead of the game through constant training, industry research and commitment to high standards.

Professionally Certified and Experienced

If you need a professionally certified and experienced team to install and build your fibre-optic network and cabling then contact us. We utilise the latest tools and ‘best practice’ techniques to ensure projects are completed at the highest level of quality possible.

As well as providing carrier grade services to Australian Telcos, Linktech’s fibre operations supports the network infrastructure and assets for a range of Australian companies and government enterprises.

We handle:

• Installation of Optic Fibre Cable using hauling winches or blown fibre technologies
• Fibre-optic and Ribbon Splicing
• Testing & Commissioning of Fibre Optic Networks
• DWDM/CWDM Fibre Characterisation encompassing CD & PMD Analysis
• Fault Locations & Restoration

Fibre-optics Splicing and Termination

Splicing and termination refer to two different methods for joining fibre-optic cables. Splicing cables together results in lower light loss and back reflect and is the preferred method for creating permanent connections or repairing damaged cables. Termination refers to the use of a separate piece of gear to connect the ends of two fibre-optic cables together.

Fibre-optic splicing and termination requires highly specialised tools and equipment for cutting, finishing and joining fibre optic cables.

Testing Networks and Cables

To ensure the longevity and ongoing use of your cables and network the proper testing of fibre-optic cable is vital. It minimises downtime, reduces maintenance and supports upgrades, repairs and reconfigurations.

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