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Linktech provides a full range of fibre-optic, network cabling, telecommunications, consulting and civil construction solutions for private and government enterprises.

Linktech provides a full range of fibre-optic, network cabling, telecommunications, consulting and civil construction solutions for private and government enterprises. We employ a large and professional internal workforce, allowing us to provide our clients with complete end-to-end solutions. Eliminating the need to employee a team of sub-contractors.

No job is too large or too difficult. We always deliver on time and under budget due to our proven methodologies, processes and market leading equipment and solutions.

Our approach ensures that value and service come together to produce tangible and measurable outcomes. So confident are we in our capabilities that we guarantee the success and delivery of our solutions, and offer to risk our fees on this commitment.

We provide the following services:

Civil Construction

Our civil construction services include Telstra Accredited Pit & Pipe Installation, Manhole Construction, Network Remediation, Open Trenching, Directional Drilling and Installation of Roadside Cabinets and Reinstatement Works.

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Fibre Operations

If you need a professionally certified and experienced team to install and build your fibre-optic network and cabling then contact us. We utilise the latest tools and ‘best practice’ techniques to ensure projects are completed at the highest quality level possible.

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Network Integration

We have well recognised expertise and experience in the installation and commissioning of transmission circuits and network integration. We work with core network technologies such as SDH, PDH, DWDM and Gigabit Ethernet and access technologies such as xDSL, ISDN, POTS and Optic Switching.

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Exchange Construction

The construction of telecommunications exchanges and installation of the supporting power systems requires highly skilled professionals working with the right equipment. We can handle all aspects associated with construction, installation, repairs and major upgrades.

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Site Survey

Our site surveys are conducted by some of the most experienced telecommunications engineers in the industry. From our surveys enough information is obtained to design the best possible solution for your telecommunications network.

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Our design and strategic planning skills will ensure the successful rollout of your telecommunications network. We deliver network designs and construction plans that are easy to understand and implement, yet drawn to the highest engineering standard.

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Operations and Maintenance

If you need your network infrastructure and assets to be maintained at peak efficiency you can rely on our trained and motivated staff. Linktech offers a range of operations and maintenance services that support our clients networks and telecommunications infrastructure.

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HFC (Hybrid fiber-coaxial)

As the name suggests, HFC is a broadband network that combines optical fiber and coaxial cable. Our technicians have considerable experience working with maintaining and repairing these networks.

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Co-axial cable and twisted copper has been the mainstay of the industry for decades. Though being replaced by fibre-optics, there is still a need to maintain the existing infrastructure built with copper.

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